Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Happiness Files: Tea

I spent my Saturday gallivanting across little adelaide to visit a few friends that I hadn't seen for months. Since I last saw them, one has married, another acquired two new house-mates and another bought a new home. It was so nice to slip back into the easy conversations I had been missing. Over meals and cups of tea, we shared our stories of new beginnings. It was wonderful to see these women again and hear of the exciting things happening in their lives.

*photo image courtesy of Design*Sponge

Tea makes me happy. It unites, warms and heals.

Kate xxx


  1. Oh so cute! I love tea!!
    Do you know the little shop " David's Tea"? it is sooo cool!!



  2. We don't have David's Tea in little adelaide :( what we do have is a shop called T2 which is awesome for a tea connoisseur like myself... Oh tea...


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