Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Happiness Files: Breathing

I must tell you, I am in a little bit of a mood today, and not for any reason. I just woke up grumpy.

And here I am wondering what -in such a terrible mood- I can add to The Happiness Files. I could talk about the fact that I am really enjoying my job at the moment or that the bills are being paid. I could talk about the amount of strong and passionate women I have around me that both lift me up and keep me grounded. I could talk about all the people I care about being happy and healthy. All these things I'm stoked about, however I'm still in an awful mood.

So, what to add to the happiness files today? What can turn a bad mood around?

Breathing. On days like this I find the only thing I can do is concentrate on my breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Because in all honesty, right now breathing is the only thing I need to do. I don't need to find something I enjoy doing to conjure up some motivation. I don't need to phone a friend. What I need to do is  stop thinking for a minute and just breathe.


Much better.

Today I am adding breathing to The Happiness Files, because it reminds me that there doesn't always need to be an answer or grand action to turn things around. Happiness and bad days can co-exist. 'Breathing' keeps me in the moment and reminds me I can stop doing and just be.

If you're feeling a little out of sorts or too big for your body, try breathing. It works for me.

Kate xxx

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