Thursday, 11 November 2010

Good Advice: Go Out & Live!

I tingled when I saw this street piece by Eddie Colia. Thanks to Thomas Hawk for the photo image and link to a fantastic artist!

For those who have never really thought about the story behind street art, particularly stencil work, I encourage you to check it out! Street work has a history of artworks based on political satire.

Kate xx


  1. When mum and I went to Melbourne we did a 'Walk to Art' tour which was awesome... we looked at street art and also went to small artist run spaces and galleries. Learnt a fair bit about street art you would love to do that tour! Also on FB there is Adelaide Street Art and they post pics of stuff all the time... definitely an interesting topic and can get controversial! Love it!

  2. Hmm thanks Neen :) Just checked out the FB group x


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