Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Happiness Files: Home

Hello lovelies, 

My apologies for missing our 'happiness' date yesterday. Kym and I decided we needed a weekend and stayed at my aunt and uncle's holiday house at Port Elliot. It was so very relaxing, just what we needed, but I'll tell you more about that later! But first, the (belated) happiness file for this week is about how I feel about our home, which I was reminded of when we arrived back earlier this afternoon...

I love, love, love our home. I’m always happy when I walk up the footpath and through the front door to my safe place, my happy place, my creative place. My place. Here are five things about our home that make me happy.

Our fireplace...

... and it's yellowed-wood wall!

The view from our lounge room

Our Patio

And... Our fruit trees!

What makes your home a happy place?

Kate xxx


  1. I know what you mean, I love our little home too. Sitting in the sun-filled lounge, Evie's cozy room, the chooks, harvesting veggies...

  2. even though we don't own our home 5 things I love would be:
    *Its heritage with nice large rooms
    *Wooden floorboards
    *My messy messy my space study
    *The mantel piece over each fireplace where I get to place my artworks & photos but especially the marble mantel pieces
    *The courtyard - pleasant, low maintenance, sunfilled, my succulents

    One thing I dont like! Lack of sunlight into the loungeroom Booooooooooooo!! But, it makes me happy that I will get some cool lamps :)

  3. Thanks Neen-a-licious :) Those old homes are just so beautiful, I'm almost drooling thinking about it!


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