Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It's all coming together

Good news peeps... Today I was offered permanency in my job. I am super excited and relieved. Excited because deep down, despite my regular whines about it, I really do love my job. Relieved because Kym and I have a mortgage that simply does need to be paid. 

What is this job exactly?? Well, essentially it's the ultimate role in social work (which I studied). It's a community development role based at a youth centre. I get to hang out with young people, run events and manage awesome community projects (like an aerosol art project with a group of young people at the local skate park... Brilliant).

To celebrate, I had a glass of wine, followed by a hot chocolate with four (yes four) marshmallows. Bliss. 

I'm as happy as a kid on a scooter

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